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C.Z. Kidd
last time in gamboa, found an old road that went way back even had wood bridges finally caught a bridge that was rotted out. old speed signs full of bullet holes, jungle taking it back. long ago '93.
Comment from : C.Z. Kidd

Great video Dave!
Comment from : pinmode

Jack Brock
Lived in Gamboa back in 76-77 and then Ft. Clayton. My dad was Jack Brock and was a R.O.T.C instructor at Balboa High School. Gamboa was the best w/many great memories... Hope to visit soon...later Zonians.
Comment from : Jack Brock

David Smith
Did Slim come back and take some seats? That would of been a collector's item. I was in the theater two years ago with Alex's brother Danny and never thought about taken them. I think the place is demolished now.
Comment from : David Smith

Tyrone Richard Rigby
Its nice to remember
Comment from : Tyrone Richard Rigby

Stephan Steffanides
I grew up in Gamboa between 68 and 76. I remember all these places except I went to baptist church. My dad was chief engineer in dredging. I had a good friend Leon from Pedro Miguel my parents almost had a heart attack (he was black). i lived on Siebert st next to the playground. went to Elementary. remember when we would burn all the Xmas trees after the holiday ? My best friend Dodd's mom was a teacher at school and his dad was a cop. I miss Gamboa. had a great time there.
Comment from : Stephan Steffanides

FuGgle Ggle
Perhaps you would know, but where was the place the boys scouts stayed at? It had two levels, a pumpink patch on the yard, bathrooms (showers and toilets) away from the housing complex?
Comment from : FuGgle Ggle

I had no idea there were any theatres in Gamboa. I would love to renovate them!
Comment from : kak0490

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